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Linear algebra adds a fourth: vector spaces. For the first half of this book, we steer clear 3of abstract rings and fields, but we do assume the basics of finite group theory and linear algebra. Recall that a group is a set G equipped with an operation of multiplication written The associative law (gh)k=g(hk) holds for all There is an identity such that 1g=g=g1 for all Finally, every has an inverse such that gg−1=1=g−1g. The classic example here is the symmetric Classical Algebra 3 group consisting of all permutations of the set {1, 2,…, n} under the operation of composition.

The usual reason for introducing a new kind of number is that the old ones are inadequate for solving some important problem. Most of the historical problems in this area can be formulated using equations, though it must be said that this is a modern interpretation and the ancient mathematicians did not think in quite those terms. For example, the step from is needed because although some equations, such as can be solved for others, such as cannot. ) Similarly, the step from (historically, it was initially from the positive rationals) makes it possible to solve the equation Equations of the form 6 Galois Theory where a, b are specific numbers and t is an unknown number, or variable, are called linear equations.

11* Let P(n) be the number of ways to arrange n zeros and ones in a row, given that ones occur in groups of three or more. Show that and deduce that as the ratio where x>0 is real and x4–2x3+x2–1=0. Factorize this quartic as a product of two quadratics, and hence find x. 12* The largest square that fits inside an equilateral triangle can be placed in any of three symmetrically related positions. 1). 1: Calabi’s triangle. 13 of the shorter ones is a solution of the cubic equation 2x3−2x2−3x+2=0, and find an approximate value of x to three decimal places.

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