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The Queen is the ‘Duke’ of Lancaster and she rakes in a fortune through the Duchy of Lancaster (Property and other Business). I have no doubts that the Duchy of Lancaster will be highly 47 involved in ceremonies and rituals throughout 2012 in the Fylde area. This will obviously including the upcoming 2012 ‘Jubilee’. I have no doubts that the Tower Eye / Comedy Carpet will be used in conjunction with royalty too. Anyway let’s move back on to the carpet and look a little further, but only if you want too.

The Prophets and Magicians of ancient times were classed as wise men but it is also true that famous comedians and magicians’ were/are classed as ‘wise men’ too. Both examples were/are worshipped and or admired and, my friends, as we now know, when the Serpent laden’s a person with symbolism, the said person becomes an agent, a middleman, to attract human emotion to places carrying deceptive occult symbolism. Human emotion creates spiritual energy and the energy is not only directed to the famous artist/middle man it is also always directed towards the creators of the symbolism the famous artist/ middleman is laden with.

But it is not down to me to decide why such artists get the work and which artists get nothing. I have explained earlier that any last resort offer of funding is usually taken. I suppose the creation of art is like any other business at the end of the day, and selfserving cliques and their back scratching always wins the day, be this inside trouser leg lifting lodges or simply down the pub. Will it raise your eyebrows or your ears to be told that Gordon Young and his pals are not only credited with creating the comedy carpet in Blackpool but are also credited with creating the ‘Stone Jetty’ in Morecambe?

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