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V. AC. FIIQ~TF 3 ~ 3 @WE ~ y I Dual N. V. Ac. ~ 8 l = f l Plur. N. V. Ae. T i 3 = i l f ~ fh Base : f%Wf$%T mv qy Neuter, =, or Dual N, V. Ao. RZ fh;f gaif Plur. N. V. Fd@ gifs Sing. V. Ac, AC. riff if% Neuter. Sing. N. V. Ac. @ZI Dual N. V. %Q 0 9 1 ~ Or ? ~ l u rN, , V. I%I q'P "gl* AC pr%Vf< om$? ] DECLENSION OF NOUNS, $ 78. Decline : q l y f. ; like in &'em. &qq m. ' a physician,' q q f. qqmm. f+ f. f. ,' 128 § 79. ' Singular. Plzc~al. Dtcal. ( c. )-Bases ending i n r. -z $ 80, Salzdhi :1. Before vowel-terminations the final remains unclianged (5 60).

BT&. g 106, Yarticil~lesof the Present tense Par. of roots of t l ~ e3rd ( o r reduplicating ) claw and tlie fire Participles qm,'eating, ' amq I waking, ' ' being poor ,' - 1 Lshini~~g, ~ ' and mqq commanding' have no strong base, aucl are tllereforo in Masc. nt~dNeut. decliuetl exactly like nouns in q of Docl. 11. The i~lsertionof q, before the final q in N,V. Ac. Plur. Neut. is, however, optioual, e. g. m. t b . giving,' m, ~ t ,waking1- mi TRm w, Masculine. l. Dual, I'le~ml. 1 DECLENSION OF NOVSS.

Sing. qqq, I)u. qh*, PI. qyr>2. base urn?. DECLESMION mi. ). ; Lnee end$ 109. l i c o bases ;strotig base ellding in q ; ~ ~, . q ,weak ing i t 1 qq,qq. 5 110. ,Vav~tlhi:qn; nlld qiq ( S 53); 1. Ia t l ~ eN. Sing. Nnsc. rses they r z ~ i ~ a uncliangecl. in 2. I n the nlrnl; rnses the 1)asos in q q and qq are treated lilte - q q (ntci. VII). 3. Sing. Lllasc, ends ill m,q q ; tllc Tr. Siug. Ncut, is liko the PI'. Sing. PI'cut. § 111. P a ~ n d i g m s: tf~r[q gn. 9%. intblligent, ;' l i l a ? l ; 972.

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