By Robert H. Thurston

This number of literature makes an attempt to collect some of the vintage, undying works that experience stood the try of time and provide them at a discounted, reasonable cost, in an enticing quantity in order that every body can get pleasure from them.

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Papin's Two-Way Cock. cold condensing water. The dispersion of the water in minute streams or drops was a very important detail, not only as securing great rapidity of condensation, but enabling the designer to employ a comparatively small receiver or condenser. The engine is shown in Fig. 1S, which is copied from the "Experimental Philosophy" of Desaguliers. html (36 of 47)10/26/2006 12:30:20 Chapter 1 Fig. 15. - Engine built by Desagulier in 1718. The receiver, A, is connected to the boiler, B, by a steam pipe, C, terminating at the two way cock, 19; the " forcing pipe," E, has at its foot a check valve, g and the valve G is a similar check at the head of the suction pipe.

18) of a steam boiler, a, from which steam is led through the leak, c, to the working cylinder, ve. D. 1707. is a large air chamber, and which serves to render the outflow of water comparatively uniform, and the discharge occurs by means of the pipe ¢7, from which the water rises to the desired height. A fresh supply of water is introduced through the funnel after condensation of the steam in, and the operation of expulsion is repeated. This machine is evidently a retrogression, and Papin, after having earned the honor of having invented the first steam engine of the typical form which has since become so universally applied, forfeited that credit by his evident ignorance of its superiority over existing devices, and attempting unsuccessfully to perfect the inferior device of another inventor.

Because it was the first gas engine and the prototype of the very successful modern explosive gas engine of Otto and Iiangen, but principally as having been the first engine wllich consisted of a cylinder and piston. The sketch shows its form. It consisted of a cylinder, A, a piston, B, two relief pipes, C C, fitted with check valves and a system of pulleys, g by which the weight is raised. The explosion of the powder at expels the air from the cylinder. When the products of combustion have cooled, the pressure of the atmosphere is no longer counterbalanced by that of air beneath, and the piston is forced down, raising the weight.

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