By Charles Duroiselle

This scarce antiquarian booklet is a facsimile reprint of the unique. because of its age, it might probably include imperfections corresponding to marks, notations, marginalia and wrong pages. simply because we think this paintings is culturally vital, we now have made it to be had as a part of our dedication for shielding, retaining, and selling the world's literature in reasonable, prime quality, sleek variations which are actual to the unique paintings.

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Hi, bhi. su. ´, yo. 139. DECLENSION OF NADç. ), RlVER. Singular. Nom. nad´. Gen. nadiyŒ, nadyŒ, najjŒ. Dat nadiyŒ, nadyŒ, najjŒ. Acc. nadi×. Ins. nadiyŒ, nadyŒ, najjŒ. Abl. nadiyŒ, nadyŒ, najjŒ. Loc. nadiyŒ, nadyŒ, najjŒ, nadiya×, nadya×, najja×. Voc. nad´. Plural. nad´ nadiyo, najjo. nadina×. nadina×. nad´ nadiyo, najjo. nad´hi, nad´bhi. nad´hi, nad´bhi. nad´su. nad´, nadiyo, najjo. Rcmarks. (a) There is a Gen. plur. in Œna×, nadiyŒna×. (b) In all the oblique cases of the sing, final ´ of the base is shortened; also before yo in the plural.

Hi, bhi. hi, bhi. su n´, ´. ), WATER Singular. Nom. vŒri. Gen. vŒrissa, vŒrino. Dat. vŒrissa, vŒrino. Acc. vŒri×. Ins. vŒrinŒ. Abl. vŒrinŒ, vŒrismŒ, vŒrimhŒ. Loc. vŒrismi×, vŒrimhi. Voc. vŒri. Plural. vŒr´ni, vŒr´. vŒrina×. vŒrina×. vŒr´ni, vŒr´. vŒr´hi, vŒr´bhi. vŒr´hi, vŒr´bhi. vŒr´su. vŒrini, vŒr´. Remarks. (a) There is also found a Nom. sing. , as, aÊÊhi×, bone, akkhi×, eye, etc. (b) As usual, final i is lengthened before ni, na×, hi, bhi and su in the plural. EXERCISE. Decline like vŒri (neut).

NŒvika, a boatman. paribbŒjaka, a wandering ascetic. pa×sukèlika, a monk wearing robes made of picked-up rags. kumŒraka, a boy. Fem. base. nŒvikŒ, nŒvikin´. paribbŒjikŒ, paribbŒjikin´ pa×sukèlikin´, pa×sukèlikŒ, a nun wearing, etc. kumŒrikŒ, a girl. 188 EXAMPLES WITH INç. Masc. base. rŒjŒ, king. kumbhakŒra, potter. miga, deer. s´ha, lion. yakkha, an ogre. Fem. base. rŒjin´, queen. kumbhakŒrin´, potter's wife. migin´, doe. s´hin´, lioness. yakkhin´, an ogress. 189. EXAMPLES WITH Nç. Remarks. The suffix n´ is used after Masculine bases ending in i, ´, and u, è.

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