By Driver, S. R. (Samuel Rolles), 1846-1914

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Types of Noun Phrase in Azerbaijani. A. Adjectivell Nouns and adjectives are not as sharply distinguished in Azerbaijani all in English. Many words may be ulled quite freely either way; as nouns (with case-endings, possessive suffixes, plural suffix) or as adjectiv~ (preceding a noun and modifying it without any change of form). Observe: bir bOyi1k unuversitAo: bir bOydk *qolxozc+ bizim AmeriqanH dostumuz iyirmi bes=saat btr=qab abjtlv !. rll, measures like box of, bottle oC, etc .. (and a few others which are also mainly adjectival ); (6) Arabic or Persian words with lIuffix -i (or -I).

Zl The definite genitive case (-(n)6nl, indicating possessive or o t he r relation of one (definite) noun to another definite noun. (3) The definite objective case (-(n)d' or -n) which marks the direct object of a verb as definite, determined. particular. The remaining three cases form a closely related group, which is neither specially indefinite (like the stem cas e ) nor specifically definite (like the genitive and objective). In the following paragraphs we IIhall present (I) some examples of forms we have seen, and then (2) a sum .

Rvad( ) atal Complete the sentences with the necessary words and suffixes to ITlilke an '1 have' exp r ession. 1. z. 3. 4. S. b. 7. rvad{ papriz{ gOl/;eel ad( us bajt( o qutu ( I-vat. ) daeyi r. ) yox-du. ) var. )=var. ) var. ) -dlr. F. Cotnplete the sentences in E to make a 'you have' expression. G. e a 'he has' expression. Conversations I Ali and Husen talk about relatives. Hilsen: s>:lel;{m y6ldaa! dilnaen axaam sllien' ~peraM=gBrdUm. dim. Hilsen: saenln yanindakil;{r kim_idi[ -lee r eeli: qardai'Sm-ilae qadint -ydi.

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A treatise on the use of the tenses in Hebrew : and some other syntactical questions by Driver, S. R. (Samuel Rolles), 1846-1914

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