By Marita Casasola

ISBN-10: 8495052113

ISBN-13: 9788495052117

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So what can you do to help? Make time to talk about these things, to explain (even if it’s for the zillionth time) your own values and beliefs. Your child needs to know where you stand on these questions; he also needs to know that you trust him and have confidence in his ability to make decisions about his life; and he needs to know that you are available to provide help, advice, and encouragement at any time. A divorced mother said: I didn’t deal with the drinking question as a disciplinary matter, but I talked to my kid about the seriousness of it.

They can be even more surprised at how fast the cost of long-distance calls can mount up. You might decide that you’ll phone your kid instead of having him call you, so that concern about the cost won’t deter him from talking to you, especially in the first few weeks or months. Collect calls are outrageously expensive, and many parents find it’s cheaper to have their kid phone when it’s a good time for him to talk and then to call him back, thus putting most of the charge on the parents’ phone.

When I went to college, my parents gave me money each month; some months there was more and some months less, and I found it very hard to know how much I had. Much depends on your own situation and your child’s experience in handling money. ” For another, things were entirely different: “My daughter didn’t do well in the beginning and went through a lot of money. ” Whatever you decide, you need to make sure your kid knows how the system works. It’s easy to assume that a kid who seems adult in many ways knows all the details, but often he doesn’t.

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Acupuntura en los animales by Marita Casasola

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