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full maintenance package for your systems offered by us see hosting and Domains

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- We individually select the best hosting for your systems and needs. We are not focused on just one DataCenter, so we can offer virtual servers, VPS, dedicated server and colocation. -

Domains and hosting are further components of the offer prepared for our clients.

The domain is reserved for each name, after which it is easy and fast to find a particular company on the web. It points to the site owner and it is much easier to remember the email address. Your right to use your domain is protected and charged. By acting in the industry we are ready to register Polish domain (.pl), but also European (.eu) or global (.com). In order not to lose your domain, you need to renew your registration at a specified time. Of course, we will take care of it on behalf of our client. In case of a domain capture it will be possible to buy it. This is the case when there is no supervision and interest. The price of such redemption is definitely higher, so it is quite unprofitable. In short, a domain is the name of a website. With our services we will prolong the domain for a long time, we will make sure it is displayed on the web, we will register and select the best name together. Registration and renewal of the domain, depending on whether it is Polish, foreign, regional or international, costs from 40 zł net.

Hosting is nothing but a place on the server for web page files. Thanks to us you will get security, fast and reliable operations, technical support and email accounts, without which network operation is rather impossible. We have prepared several packages to match your needs and expectations. For our customers, prices start at 60 PLN per year. Prices grow with parameters – the greater the account capacity, transfer, domain, email accounts, etc. Details in the offer.
The advantages of using our support are clear –
You get a fixed IP address, encrypted connections, anti-spam and anti-virus protection, security, email access through the web. If that is not enough, we are able to meet the greatest demands. After all we have the best equipment, we use the latest technology, and a team of outstanding professionals in the industry is open to suggestions and willing to meet all expectations.

*Podane ceny hostingu są cenami netto

Domain Registration and Maintenance Domen

full domain support, advice on proper name selection, validation of valid data

- We offer the possibility of registration and extension of Polish, foreign, regional and international domains. If you are interested in a domain contact us. -

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