Marketing strategy

Online and offline marketing strategy



It allows you to increase your sales and strengthen your competitive advantage. With specific plans, we are able, in consultation with the client, to identify the needs and preferences of our customers to successfully tap into the market. Our marketing strategies combine product development with the promotion, distribution, pricing and customer relationship management of goods / services, which is linked to a marketing plan. Later is the implementation of actions.

We start with a classic approach to getting to know the mission of a company, by going through the SMART goals (concrete, measurable, harmonized with strategy, realistic and within a specific timeframe) to find answers to marketing plan questions – what, how, when, and how much. New products generally have a more complex analytical process than the existing ones.

How to achieve Marketing objectives?

It is useful to define market tasks based on marketing mix surrounding the product, distribution channels, price and promotion. Negotiation of advertising prices is our specialty. We often use our own ideas to optimize the action target. Having a compilation of all the elements, we create a strategic plan leading to the right direction and we use market opportunities. Market analysis, including internal and external analysis and analysis of marketing issues, is indispensable. Strengths and weaknesses are assessed based on the SWOT analysis (opportunities and threats).

As part of our services, we also create a marketing budget that we regularly monitor.
Each industry is different in nature, so our advisors are geared towards achieving success in specific sectors so marketing is perfectly tailored to each industry. We offer our support in trade, telecommunications, media, transportation, logistics, medicine and health care, public and financial. In our work we use the latest technological developments and methods of data analysis.





Thanks to us media planning is no problem. We will take care of the selection of marketing resources and channels. We carefully analyze the need to reserve advertising time and space at favorable terms, all at competitive prices.

Of course, we are familiar with the popular text, graphic, video or social campaigns in recent times. As part of our cooperation, we focus on the best methods of online promotion. Adwords campaigns are primarily counted per click, do not interfere with other network users, and interact only with people interested in using the next steps of the campaign. We offer a text ad on Google, targeted when you enter keywords into our client’s page. Familiarity of the mechanisms of Google search engine allows the correct selection of keywords, advertising texts. The optimization process will allow verifying words and reaching the right moment to those who are looking for services or goods in the assortment of customers.

Graphic advertising conveys what is most important in the client’s offer in the form of an image. Research has shown that such a company is faster to assimilate and more effective. Using graphics attracts customers interested in the offer. Of course, the art is to create attractive enough graphics to drive competitive graphic ads and attract the interest of the search engines. We can do it. We also select the appropriate sites and pages where the graphics will appear. We act on our own, or we focus on individual projects sent to us. We also assume that ads will appear to customers who already know the customer’s site, make a purchase, etc. within the so-called Remarketing.

Social media

Without Facebook, it is difficult to achieve advertising success at a low cost. Companies are sending such a message to customers interested in a given subject. Messages can reach specific groups through demographics, locales, device types, and so on, and they take on various forms – they invite you to visit your site, promote posts, offers, etc. The advertiser is helping to achieve business goals. Ads can take the form of graphics or video. For customers who are young, we also recommend Instagram advertising.
In the interest of the highest quality of services we carry out detailed analyzes, make the necessary changes. It is worth starting to work with us to gain as much as possible, in a fairly fast time.

When choosing a social platform for a particular advertising campaign, it is important to first ask which of them is the greatest opportunity to reach as many potential customers as possible.

Social Media Video – the largest social media portals allow you to publish short videos (typically a few seconds) that can be effectively used for marketing.

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