Graphics design

Company identification, DTP, logo image, UX design

The image of the company is the basis of success . Our service, almost unlimited, is mainly to present the company to customers. We will create a modern logo with a full brand book, provide visualization, advertising materials (business cards, brochures, leaflets, etc.) and we will take care of branding. Building brand awareness is a very important part of your marketing strategy and your company’s future. As branding is defined as building brand awareness. Our actions will lead to the company recognizing and appreciating the market. We reach out to a specific target audience so that customers associate the brand with a particular product / service without any problem. By working with us, you will be able to choose the right brand name, logo design, advertising slogan or web page, combined into one. Thanks to such treatments you will increase not only the recognition but also the interest in the assortment and reputation. We offer personal branding and employer branding.

Of course there are many factors to success. Our projects are a guarantee of achieving the intended purpose in a relatively short time and constant “care” of our activities at every stage of cooperation, and if needed also at a later time.
Our project starts with analyzing a company related to its identity, audience, assortment, industry, market position. GBT Group offers a full range of design services, ranging from graphics used on the Web (banners, web sites), to custom designs and logos, flyers, folders, catalogs and gadgets. Utilizing the latest technology and prevailing trends, we will do our best to make the brand recognizable and memorable.

Visual identification

Most of us remember what we see. Therefore, the choices are made intuitively, based on the details memorized. To make a product or service stand out from the competition, it is important to ensure that you have a visual identity.
We professionally complement the various elements to create the image of our client’s company. A logotype characterizes goals and goodwill. A company’s image should be created in stages. Starting with the company logo to business cards, corporate paper and logo files. It is also worth thinking about patterns of used documents or templates. The next steps are the design of paper advertising, posters and folders, banner advertising and print materials. Our advantage is the design and implementation of a professional website, etc.
High quality graphics.

In the creation and graphic design we use the skills of our team, years of experience, knowledge of the market and customer needs. The projects we perform are unique, distinctive and timeless. We recognize that visual identification is not only about branding but also about product / service targeting. Our actions dictate whether the image will repel or attract more customers.

In summary, for our client, we offer a full range of design services:

  • websites, also responsive, at the highest level e
  • Online shops, sales platform on a high level
  • Skins, blog posts
  • landing page
  • Logo and visual identification, including envelopes, letterhead, etc.
  • posters, leaflets, graphic materials such as slides, boards or presentations
  • large format advertising
  • print projects and printing (boxes, cartons, labels, calendars, press and media advertising, stand ups, roll-ups, labels, etc.)
  • Application design and advertising on social media with static banners.

Thanks to our commitment, every stage of development is perfected, according to the campaign’s intentions and customer requirements, in a strictly defined budget that is pre-established at our meetings or online contact.

Each stage is constantly monitored by our designers and contractors. We are aware that good design effects not only the image of the company , but also the communication between our customer and its customers. This is definitely important in building a significant competitive advantage. We strive to expose the best features of our business through clear and distinct design that improves the delivery and reception of projects. We design a user experience, meaning that the interaction with the product is pleasant to the user and the product is attractive and invitingly presented, functional and useful, often tested by the user.
Of course, at every stage of our activities, in addition to our vision, we focus on achieving our client’s goals, taking into account any ideas, suggestions and criticism that fortunately doesn’t happen often.

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