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Video Realizations 4k, HD

We have created a separate DOTTO VIDEO™ brand

To meet the expectations of our customers, our brand focused on video and animation. Dotto Studio is located in a picturesque village next to Bielsko-Biała.

We carry out projects with the soul. We approach each customer individually.

If you get bored with the standard approach to video, contact us. At Dotto Video ™ each second of recording shapes reality.

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Advertising spots, presentations and music videos are quite popular forms of advertising. In creating and implementing projects we use the latest technological achievements, professional film production equipment. Thanks to the precisely defined goals of the campaign, we are able to plan its course from the moment the idea comes into being. The material can perfectly complement the client’s image and marketing strategy.

Video is considered to be the most developing and effective form of advertising.

By using the Internet you can present a customer-friendly way of combining the power of image, text and music. Impact on the senses is extremely important. Our job is to choose such a strategy so that the client gains popularity and interest among the majority of the audience. We do the script, the recording (along with the selection of actors, music and the place), montage and background vocals, we will put the recording on popular sites and YouTube. That’s where movies are most often seen. At work we use the latest standards.

Nowadays, the 4K resolution is how we make our movies. What is it about? It offers excellent quality, responsiveness, projection visibility and consequently a greater number of perceptible details. The 4K format is an estimated 4000 pixels in the horizontal line (so far the standard was 1080 pixels for Full HD). Thanks to such solutions it is possible to grasp what was so elusive. The frame sequence allows you to record what you expect in great quality.

Such broadcasts on popular websites or YouTube will not be overlooked, so it will be possible to use what we expect and gain from the audience, many of whom will be interested in the details of the company’s offer. The latest technology and different from competition solutions in marketing strategy put our clients at the top.

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