Effective experience in automation and implementation of marketing strategies enables us to offer the best proven and reliable automation systems for marketing. How SALESmanago works:

SALESmanago is one of the world’s largest automation marketing systems, used by more than 3,500 companies in 40 countries. SALESmanago clients are both global corporations as well as small and medium sized companies. SALESmanago offers a unique set of marketing and sales tools in the B2B and B2C segments, which automates and personalizes real-time marketing processes across all marketing channels as well as direct sales.

    • The first in Poland and one of the first in Europe Marketing Automation system
    • Over 3,500 B2B, B2C and e-Commerce customers in 40 countries
    • Clients are global corporations, small and medium sized businesses
    • TOP 6 on the list of the world's largest Marketing Automation systems
    • Investor Rafal Brzoska, head and founder of InPost / Paczkomaty

Create automation and personalization processes

SALESmanago enables you to set up marketing processes that ensure that you deliver the right product to the right person at the right time, based on the analysis of data collected by each client and on the basis of the Trigger Based Marketing signals. The intuitive automation rules configurator allows you to create simple automation methods as well as advanced multi-channel marketing processes (mulichannel, omnichannel)

Marketing Automation SALESmanago

Available modules in the process automation system

email marketing

Top-notch e-mail and newsletter delivery module with template and email wizard, A / B testing and delivery monitoring. In addition, one-to-one dynamic e-mails can be sent and e-mails delivered to individual users at an individual time.

Personalized ads

Innovative functionality for displaying personalized ads in advertising networks and RTB to identified individuals based on behavioral and transactional data in the classic remarketing model as well as in the reverse model, before the visitor enters the client's website.

Direct Selling

SALESmanago allows you to automatically notify sellers about the need to contact and the readiness to purchase of specific individual along with information about the person's interests. The module enables the transfer of personalized offers and behavioral profiles of people to call centers, sales departments and POS terminals.

Web page

The dynamic content module on the web allows customers to display banners, products, contact forms, and content automatically tailored to each user, depending on his or her behavior profile and the segment to which they belong.

Mobile channel

A module that fully monitors the behavior of a contact in a mobile application and then enables the application to communicate in the form of push notifications, forms and banners, and personalization of the application content. In addition, the unique possibility of two-way SMS communication and automation of voice messages.

Social Media

Facebook integration allows for automated FB application leads, monitoring of likes and comments on a web page, and automatically building Facebook Custom Audiences on the basis of data collected by SALESmanago, making social media a viable sales channel.

Dashboard SALESmanago – full of information about what’s going on in the system

The SALESmanago main panel shows you current information about your system and what is currently happening on your web site. One site gathers information about the size of the contact database, the amount of automation running, and the level of involvement of the client base. Visits to the identified individuals and static data regarding the delivery of e-Mail Marketing are also available here.


Digital Body Language – what knowledge we collect about the client

Salesmanago identifies and monitors specific individuals and businesses visiting your web site. On this basis, it builds a behavioral profile that indicates buying intentions and allows you to capture the best moment of contact with the customer. Digital Body Language allows you to precisely profile marketing offers and messages that focus on the individual needs of your recipients.

360 Customer View – all data collected on a single contact card

Contact card is one of the most important places in the system. It collects complete information about individual customers in the database. It includes behavioral data from SALESmanago once any data derived from Customer’s transactional systems that can easily be sent via the SALESmanago API. The system automatically awards contact scores based on behavioral and transactional activity.


Automation rules

The automation rule creation module is a key feature of the SALESmanago system. Enables you to configure automated marketing and sales processes by defining events and conditions and automated marketing actions that will deliver tailored personalized offers and content to the right people at the right time.

Campaign management

A module that allows you to create automated marketing cycles for contacts that are added to your campaign. The module enables automatic generation of marketing actions depending on the stage of sales at which customers are contacted. The campaign’s progress is simple due to optimization thanks to analytics of the behavior of contacts at each of its stages.


Advanced analytics

Advanced and comprehensive analytics of marketing and sales processes including conversion reports , purchase cycles, optimal sources of new leads and purchase paths . In the area of e-Mail Marketing, the system provides advanced analytics for specific shipments as well as the entire email activity. The system analyzes the delivery of offers and content via email along with the enumeration of conversion values.

What makes SALESmanago

a system that differs from others (USP)


Marketing Automation

A key module for personalizing communication with anonymous visitors who visit or visited the site. The purpose of Anonymous Marketing Automation is to convert anonymous traffic to the client's page. An anonymous user can receive matched content directly on the web page in the form of product forms and frames, via email and RTB advertising.


Next Gen for eCommerce

The latest generation module analyzes web page views and builds a user's shopping profile not only based on product clicks, but also by collecting VIEWED product data. The module provides advanced viewership analysis, clicks, shopping. Nex Gen for eCommerce is one of the few solutions in the world.


Marketing Automation

The SALESmanago system enables a full range of automation in mobile applications. For this automation, customer data collected in Customer 360 View, and behavioral data derived directly from the mobile application and analysis of the application installed on the device can be used. The basic methods of automation in a mobile application are Push notifications, Contact Forms, and personalized advertising banners.


Web Beacon

A unique technology that allows you to investigate the behavior of an identified person within a given URL. Web Becon is a special tag that can be placed anywhere on a web page. With SALESmanago Web Beacon, you will find out whether a person: read the entire article, where she reached the place, saw the form, photos, button and clicked on bookmarks.


multichannel real-time remarketing

SALESmanago enables the implementation of a comprehensive remarketing strategy using all available marketing channels. The system automatically launches individually tailored personalized messages and passes on ad networks, email messages, web site and social media messages at the right time.


and transactional automation

Complete transactional analysis module generated by the company. Thanks to its use, it is possible to create advanced customer segments based on their purchases, build customer groups according to the purchase activity. Transactional analysis also covers the effectiveness of automation rules and email marketing. SALESmanago accurately calculates sales value and conversion from a particular shipment and automation.

Here are some screenshots from the SALESmanago system.

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