Equipment and service

hardware service and it solutions

In the age of the Internet, the computer hardware and its services are tailor-made for each industry. Our company offers comprehensive IT solutions ranging from basic work sets (laptops, PCs) and accessories (monitors, printers, etc.), but also specialized software, network systems (servers, routers) to complex UNIFY telecommunication systems.

IT infrastructure organized

The GBT Group effectively manages businesses and institutions. It is well known that it depends on people, processes and technology. We have all these elements. We use the knowledge and experience of our employees, we have developed proven IT processes, and we use only the latest and most reliable technologies. The needs of business customers are rapidly changing – we keep pace with these changes, taking care also of the highest data security. We carry out audits regularly so that the systems are up and running smoothly.

The ideal IT structure streamlines your business

There are plenty of programs, hardware and other solutions available on the market. We will design and implement every IT project to reflect the company’s performance and information flow. We will choose equipment and accessories, software of the highest quality. Thanks to our support, not only will it be possible to choose less expensive equipment and to fulfill your tasks. We will increase security (our service recommends ESET), we will facilitate the management of the structures and departments responsible for their service.

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