Strategic Consulting

technological and organizational consulting



Technology is a very important stimulus for economic transformation. GBT Group helps businesses benefit fully from technology investments by combining skills to streamline processes and knowledge in IT strategy, IT architecture, design, process management, and operations.

To achieve better results than the competition, it is necessary to look globally at the advantages and disadvantages of the company. We will provide professional help by creating ideal plans. GBT Group has experience in the organization of small, medium and big firms. Thanks to well-educated staff, knowledge of the latest techniques, world trends and intuition, the team provides comprehensive business processes, internal audits and project management at the highest level.

If that were not enough, we will help manage the risks, including IT and finances. We will create processes that will improve the functioning of individual departments by introducing corporate order. To meet our expectations, we also carry out valuation and strategy services, corporate finance and financial modeling.

So if you need to change your IT organization to improve your benefits, adapt to your organization needs, increase information security, need to adjust and prioritize IT metrics or determine dependency on outsourcers, or make changes to your organization to improve efficiency, we can help.


Nasze zadanie to Our task is to Build a Strategy
Starting from the goal formulation phase, through an analysis of the environment and the company,
identification of variants of development and ending with choice of an optimal variant

Strategic planning gives you a glimpse into the future. To make the look systematic and organized, it is useful to first define the vision of the company, its goals and plan, as well as estimate the strategic options and choose the developer of the chosen development strategy. Thanks to such actions, our help will be possible:

Develop an advantage and strengthen your market position
focus on profitable business areas
avoid mistakes
safety from market changes
Motivating employees and motivating them to be successful
Increasing attractiveness of the company compared to the competition

Our services are not limited to theory. We are constantly monitoring and changing strategies if needed.


Organizational consultancy

The entrepreneur intends to run his own business within the framework of the business freedom act. It seems simple, yet the process of proper organization of the enterprise is not simple anymore. An entrepreneur can be a person, a legal entity or an organizational unit without legal personality, or a partner in a civil or public partnership. An enterprise can be divided into institutions of varying degrees of autonomy, linked to sources of funding or market risks. For our clients we will take care of all formalities related to the company itself, the subject of activity and division into smaller units. We also deal with all corporate intentions in organization and development.


doradztwo strategiczne

Construction of business processes

It is needed to meet the needs and expectations of customers. The correct execution of the process is supervised by a staff of GBT specialists in management, operational and auxiliary areas. The process developed by us meets the most important features such as:
– Clearly Defines the boundaries, input and output
– Consists of activities arranged in time and space
– the organizational structure of the enterprise is built in to the process
– if necessary, it includes several functions
– is directed to a specific recipient

doradztwo strategiczne


streamlining of the company’s operations, process evaluation and risk management in the company, supervision and control of organizational order.


audit of business processes in the operational and compliance area Develop plans for the audit department of a particular company opracowanie planów dla działu audytu konkretnej firmy Develop plans for the audit department of a particular company


Our operations are subject to control all possible risks in the company. We will advise on how to implement internal controls, improve information flows. This will undoubtedly contribute to cost optimization, consistency and clarity, streamlining business processes, and convincing employees to comply with applicable regulations and procedures.

Company DNA

To make the most of your business information, organize your data so that you clearly and accurately represent the data you need to plan, account, and forecast operational data. An information system called Company DNA is the way to success and achieving your goals. GBT will take care of this data analysis and will show you the right way to create further plans. Our systems use controlling functions such as budgeting, budget control, cost calculations, company condition monitoring, multi-dimensional analysis and reporting, and goal and plan execution.

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